Video Marketing – The Future of Online Traffic

I have been very remiss lately.  Christmas, New Year and the sheer overload of things I have to do for the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program have left me with bags under my eyes that could be used as long haul suitcases… and little energy to post a blog.  BUT…

…in the early hours of this morning I attended a unadvertised extra bonus webinar that Alex had sorted out SINCE the coaching program began.  This was unusual in being one of those “unannounced bonus” items that is actually unmissable!  It was a webinar on video marketing with the widely recognised Queen of Video Marketing, Maria Andros.  Wow!  Was she energetic!

Speaking at about 300 words per minute (I really felt for the non-native English speakers!), her enthusiasm was electric.  Even after an exhausting day, I couldn’t help but really feel that this was do-able.

Her messages were simple and clear:

  • Old school marketing online is dead. 
  • Video converts up to 600% higher than text alone.
  • Growth of YouTube is massive with over 150,000 new videos every day
  • YouTube is now the 3rd most sought on website
  • Using video can give you the competitive advantage in an increasing savvy online market

Why?  because videos let you be YOU.  They appeal to an audience on a much wider level than text alone and allow people to connect with YOU.  And because 90% of all communication is non-verbal, videos convey you message to your audience on many levels.  Videos help build relationships.

Maria constantly stressed the importance of building relationships online.  She encouraged us to just get going, “don’t worry about the quality – that will come as you gain experience”.  Just be YOU.  Do not apologise for passion.  “You cannot say the wrong thing to the right person!”

Apparently any video camera will do – she personally uses a HD Mino Flip camera (about $200). We could virtually hear Alex turning puce – he’s just splashed out on expensive equipment costing around $1,800!  LOL

Seriously though, Alex didn’t even know Maria when he started his coaching course.  He met her on Twitter – demonstrating the total power of Twitter and the importance of it in relationship building.  Maria herself stressed that amongst the social sites, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were places where successful online-preneurs must have a significant presence in the future.

I’m off to figure out how to use my digital camera to make a video, do some tweeting, open a YouTube account… and get the matchsticks out for Alex’s session later tonight!

So – another late night beckons then… !


  1. Hi Susan,

    I like your blog header. So cute and yes, i like this post so much. I have check out a couple of the post on Maria but yours stands out. It is more detail to my liking. I am being honest here.

    I agree with the using of twitter, youtube and Facebook for the future. Eerrr not sure with Facebook though but just follow what the master says. You can put Squidoo lens in. It helps with the traffics generations faster than some of the other socials sites.

    Do drop by my blog and check out my latest post on squidoos. Feel free to comment.


    P.S. How to you put in the related posts inside this post? It’s been a very informative reading .

  2. Nice work getting started and getting your blog setup. Im trying to get a complete list of all the students for my blogroll and to get to know everyone. Please email with your full name, link, and twitter link if you have one. Best wishes, Ross The Boss

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