Video Marketing – How to Make Your First Video

Since my last post on Video Marketing following the Alex Jeffreys Bonus Webinar with Maria Andros, I have made my first video.  Made it, you understand, not uploaded it anywhere yet!

I did it by switching my digital camera to video mode – (that is I slid the button on the top to “video”!) and pressing the shutter! 

Now, I am my own worst critic, but my husband runs a very close second! – and with it being my first ever video I definitely didn’t want him behind the camera!  Maria Andros said that video marketing was the ultimate “safe environment” because you are not with the people when they watch it.  You don’t know if they switch it off after a few seconds, fall about laughing at you or watch it 14 times before sending the link to their mates.  But I still had to record it!.

So, not having a tripod and “flying solo”, I set the camera on a pile of books and checked that my head was appearing in the view finder, by FACING a mirror.  This meant I could see the image being recorded by looking at the picture on the back of the camera in the mirror.  (Is that clear?) After a few seconds “dry run”, I decided I needed a bit of zoom so there was more of me and less of the background in frame.  I made the adjustments and I was good to go!

Maria said, “Videos let you be you”.  I took a deep breath, looked into the camera, smiled and started talking.  I did the whole video in one take – thus making just one more distinction between me and the Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe (just in case any of you were confused on that point!)

I couldn’t watch it back for ages!  The lighting is awful, I move my head too much and at times I gabble BUT I was pleasantly surprised.  It covered all the things I wanted to say and in under 7 minutes! (which is good as videos uploaded to YouTube have to be less than 10 mins long).  I decided not to try improve the lighting as I don’t think the message would be so spontaneous.  Anyway, I’ll be embedding it in this site (when I’ve figured out how to do that) so let me know what you think!

The next thing is to edit it.

I’m happy with the general flow of it but I want to put my name on the screen when I say it, and the URLs too (ambitious or what?).  However, my digital camera records in a .mov format.  Windows Movie Maker (on my computer and almost certainly on yours too) does not recognise this format (Oh Great!).  So I had to find a program that will do the conversion.  For anyone with the same issues, head over to AVS and download the Video Converter program.  This is a clean link for a free download.  Just for good measure, I also downloaded the Video Editor program.  

So now I just need to work the magic with these programs.  For a non-techie I’ve had a very busy day and feel like I’ve learnt something.  And bearing in mind that:

  • 52% of online traffic now comes from videos
  • 12% of all online traffic comes from YouTube 
  • YouTube is now the 3rd most sought on website (Google and Yahoo being the first two)

Guess where I’ll definitely be uploading to..?


  1. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for dropping by the other day and leave me with wonderful comments. I reply the comment and say to myself to leave a comment at your blog later when I finish with all the tasks that needed my utmost attention. Guess what? OMG, I totally forgotten about it and realised about it when I visited Tara Dipalma’s blog just now.

    I saw your comment and hop over via her blog. I am happy you got started with video. I just read Tara’s PDF on how to put up a video and creating video will be next on my agenda. Anyway, I love reading this post because you inspire me to reinforce my plan to put up a video on my blog. So, I got no more excuses to give but get out of my comfort zone and get going.

    Now back to your question on how to put the F500 button to the sidebar that you ask in my blog the other day. First of all, you copy the code of the button.
    – Go to your wp-admin and click theme.
    – Click theme editor.
    – click footer.php if you want to add it to the bottom of your blog page or sidebar if you want to put it at sidebar.
    -paste the code and save the file.
    – refresh your site and it is visible.

    Hope that helps and if you still have any questions, drop me a comment and will walk you through.

    Keep in touch always.


    P.S. My sincere apology again for my forgetfulness.

  2. Hi Susan
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving those great comments. I am doing my best to get my blog higher in Google.

    Well done for getting your video finished. I think youtube has a facility which is called “captions and subitiles” which may allow you to add your website address. I haven’t used it myself yet so I am not sure.

    I will go and take a look at your video and leave you a comment
    Well done!


  3. Hi Susan

    Quick question – you mentioned a plug-in on Garry’s blog that automatically embeds videos on blog and you gave the link. Can you tell me exactly where I put this info on my blog to make it work please.


    Wendy Wood

  4. Hi Wendy –

    The WordPress plugin is called Smart YouTube. Simply download it from the WordPress site, unzip it, upload it to your wp-admin area and then go to yopur admin panel back office. Look for the “plug-ins” tab, scroll down until you find Smart YouTube. Click Activate.

    Now when you add a YouTube video, simply snag the url, add a “v” after the http bit (so it becomes httpv://youtubeurlwhateveritis) and just insert this into your post. The plugin then goes and gets the video and puts it in where you’ve typed the URL. It really is that simple. Hope this helps!


  5. Hi Susan

    Thanks very much for your help with the Smart YouTube Plug-in upload. I am pleased to say I’VE DONE IT. My vid is now on my blog. Wow. Haven’t we come a long way. One day, I’ll be able to answer someone else’s questions.

    All the best to you.

    Wendy Wood

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