First You Tube Video – Susan Owen-Thursfield Talks About Cambodia and Mentor Alex Jeffreys – Check It Out!

I have done it!  I have entered the scary world of video!  My first ever video is online. 

Check it out!

Susan Owen-Thursfield Talks About Cambodia and Mentor Alex Jeffreys

Feel free to comment – I know it’s not perfect… but WHAT an achievement! 

I would NEVER have done this so early in my online life – it may have taken me two more years, who knows? – without Alex Jeffreys as my mentor.  I am so pleased I decided to join his coaching program!  Like I said in the video, find yourself an online mentor if you’re serious about making money online.  Alex is an excellent coach!

Now all I need to do is figure out how to get 26 hours in a day and I’ll be sorted..


  1. Hi Susan,

    Let me first say CONGRATULATIONS on making your video. .Its not easy putting yourself out there for the world to see on Video!!

    and good work on your perserverance in getting the video up. . (I think I could have spent close to that too!. . making videos is a time intensive process anyway you look at it)

    By the way you have done a good job at making eye contact and talking to the camera!



    Ps; thanks for your comments on my blog too 🙂

  2. Susan

    That was, and you are so real. It is rare to find someone so genuine. I think you are a very special person, and I know that you are going to reach your dream.

    I am looking forward to watching you on your quest. If I can be of any help, just ask.

    Thomas Northrop

  3. Hi susan
    Well done, great video,very inspiring and good to see you plan to give back when you become a millionaire. Kind of like the plans Yanik Silver has with his Maverick Business Insier coaching where he plans to inspire all of his students to give back at least 5% of their income and plans to put $1M dollars into good causes in 2009 by doing this.

    Took a while to explain what Cambodia had to do with anything and maybe you should mention your plans first then say how. I hope your school is aimed at girls or at least educates girls first to redress the balance. Maybe difficult to do in that political climate.

    Anyay fantasic, fantastic, fantastic and I’m sure you will be a millionaire.

    I’m off to continue rebuilding my blog as I had a total crash, so bad that the backup wouldn’t even restore ! I’ve changed my site address too

  4. Hi Susan, this is my first visit to your site, I am currently trying to get round all of Alex’s students blogs. I am learning a lot by doing this, there is so much good information out there for the taking.
    Well done with your video. Its not so bad once you get going is it? I have done my own competition video, and have put my face ‘on the line’ so to speak.
    Perhaps if you have a minute you might visit my site and leave a comment. It would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

  5. Hi Susan,
    That video is so genuine, sweet and real!!!
    It is real you and that’s important, that is what people like. It was pleasure to watch.
    I have done mine few days ago and thanks for reminding me to mail Alex with the link, I completely forgot….
    Speak to you soon and if you need any help you can always ask … I live inside my blog LOL….

  6. Hi Susan

    I am actually not one of AJ’s students but saw you request on Twitter as I have seen many others. Alex is doing a great Job, and I can see that you have now taken a massive step forward by making that video which was great by the way.

    The other reason I wanted to comment on your Blog is that I am currently coaching my wife and I can now use your example which will be a great motivator for all Mums who are just starting out online well done Susan, just stick to AJ’s program and you simply can’t fail

    Kindest Regards

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