Twitter Traffic – Hassle or Worth The Time?

OK – I’ve wanted to post about Twitter for a while but to be honest, I’ve been too busy tweeting! 

It took me a while to actually join Twitter – largely because I thought it was one of those social sites that was mostly populated by teens with loads of time to have a social life!  However, on one of Alex Jeffrey’s coaching modules before Christmas, he said it was vital to have a presence on Twitter.  And as I bought into his coaching program to learn, I decided to take some time to “get” Twitter.

The facts are: – 

  • If you’re not online on social platforms, you’re missing out on a huge percentage of potential subscribers/customers/affiliates/jv partners ie your market.
  • But it’s not good enough to **just** be on these social platforms, you need to build a presence, a following, establish a “brand”
  • And that means you need to understand the strategic marketing implications of these social platforms at the deepest level.

But the mistake a lot of people made in the beginning of social media marketing, myself included, was assuming that we needed to belong to vast numbers of communities in order to be visible to the bulk of our niche markets.  Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others – all of which needed to be updated regularly was very time consuming.  After all, it isn’t possible to be on these sites for a even one hour a day each and still have time to build your business.  (Hint: you don’t have to be – use your RSS feed not your blog URL – but that’s for another post)

But all this isn’t necessary it seems.  Serious internet marketers have now largely left MySpace, and also to an extent, Facebook.  And as YouTube is now the third most surfed site (after Yahoo and Google) and Twitter is the “next big thing” these are the two “biggies” that you MUST be seen to be on if you are going to make it big online.  

And “big” is whatever you need it to be in your niche to make a living off your blog. 

So the number of social sites you work with daily regularly should be fewer in 2009 than previously, but your presence on them, your “brand online” should be much more significant. Your blog should be “YOU” online and your brand should be syndicated to Twitter (and Facebook – according to Maria Andros, and who am I to argue?) – to keep your followers “fresh”.

Not spreading yourself so thinly, but engaging in an online community much more deeply, means that you connect with people more significantly.  Your tweets are more likely to get retweeted and when they do, your traffic will go viral.  It really spreads.

But make sure you are actually present on Twitter at least part of every day.  By this I mean you need to actually **answer** Tweets rather than posting to Twitter only through TweetMyBlog – or exclusively automating your account using TweetLater.  Both of these are plug-ins I highly recommend, and which should definitely should be part of your Web 2.0 arsenal – but don’t forget that the power of Twitter is as a SOCIAL relationship building site.  That means you need to be there – at least sometimes. 

And you must be genuine – help first, receive later, and you’ll not go far wrong.  And don’t be shy to tweet about everyday life stuff.  It helps people connect with you.  And when they connect, they begin to trust you.  Which means that even if you don’t have your own product to sell, you’ll be in a much stronger position to be able to recommend affiliate products, because you’ll be trusted! 

As you progress, you will find people finding you in the most unusual ways and becoming avid fans, customers and evangelists for your “brand”.  So when you find someone you truly connect with, click to see who they’re following… and then follow their followers.  This gives you instant access to people who may be interested in what you’ve got to say, but whom you may not have come across otherwise.

So Twitter is not just the latest novelty to stay in touch with friends – it is actually the “next big thing” marketing wise.  It is strategically a very powerful tool for generating more traffic to your blog.  Twitter is a cutting edge marketing tool.

Get on it!  Get Tweeting and start a following!  Follow me, I’m SusanOT.  Check my Tweet Counter and see how I’m building my following! 

Tweet you on Twitter!

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