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There’s a new kid in town and his name is Twitter, and if you don’t know what Twitter is you most certainly need to find out. And that is my purpose here today. I would like to inform you about what could be the next most powerful marketing tool to come into the hands of anyone that is trying to do internet marketing. Some say it could have a bigger impact on internet marketing, then having a mailing list. As any good marketer will tell you if you don’t have a list your chances of making money online are very unlikely. I would like to add to that by saying if you don’t Twitter your at a great disadvantage in the market place.

The reason I say this, is because Twitter is a new type of web2 social site that allows there members to keep in touch with one another, by allowing you to post short messages (tweets) on your Twitter account about what you’re doing. This allows those people that choose to follow you to be able to see your messages (tweets).

Now to give you a bit of an idea how Twitter could be a very powerful medium for you marketing efforts. If you decide to have your Twitter account devoted to a particular niche, for example the diet food niche with people that might be interested in diet food and diet recipes and related information. These people would likely want to follow your tweets because they liked what you have to say and what you might have to offer.

When you make a tweet on your Twitter account you are allowed to place links in your tweets, to guide your followers to some more information for your niche. So when you start your twitter account you try to get only followers that are interested in what your niche is about. This way your followers are targeted to the market you are promoting. This can lead to very high click through rate on any links in your tweets.

One way you can attract followers is to follow other people that are in niches related to yours. Like in the case of our example “diet food”, we could follow those people that are into dieting or people looking for diet recipes. Most times when you follow someone on twitter they do you the same in return by following you back. Now you can’t get to wild with this business of following people. You want to start out with only following a dozen or so a day. You want to have a link on your webpage’s and in your signatures for your emails and forum activities, so those people can follow your tweets on twitter as well.

Now if you look at the big picture you can sort of look at twitter as building a mailing list of very targeted subscribers, but with some very nice differences. For one thing you don’t have to worry if your message is making it through to your subscriber’s inbox. You don’t have to have double opt-ins; hence it is easy to acquire subscribers (followers). You don’t have to worry about spam complaints, and Twitter is free so you don’t need an autoresponder.

Want some marketing leverage on the internet try the power of Twitter. Some say Barack Obama won the election because he was and is a Twitter. I’m inclined to agree with that statement.

Now Twitter me this, if you had two or three hundred targeted Twitters following your tweets, with a click through rates ranging from 3% to 10%, do you think you might make some money. I’m guessing a resounding yes.

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  1. Twitter is basically a free social networking website where it allows members to send and also read messages that are called tweets. The tweets are available for a person’s follow to view, but the great thing about twitter is that you can as well restrict the messages to certain groups or friends to see. And because of the fact that twitter is free and comfortable to use, a lot of people use them. People today are immediately taking advantage of Twitter by promoting their products or to advertise their businesses. You can even use Twitter to advertise your web page or site in order for you to get targeted traffic flowing into your web site and start earning some money.

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