Tips On How To Use Twitter and Other Social Media

First a confession – I am a relative newbie on Twitter.  I’ve only been tweeting about twelve weeks but it’s long enough to realise that some people (most people?) just don’t “get” social media like Twitter.

I decided to find out just how to use this red hot social medium properly.  I’ve done a bit of research and compiled my own list of Social Media Do’s and Don’ts. This is not intended to be exhaustive, so please feel free to comment!


  • Do keep it personal: Twitter is all about one-to-one contact so posts should be sociable.  Having said that, one-on-one DM Tweets work best if you actually want to talk to someone.
  • Do use your own name: Although if people know your website really well, using your website name on social media sites might make people more likely to follow you (NB – there is an argument that Google gives greater link-love if it continually sees the name of your website on social media sites like Twitter).
  • Do balance personal tweets and dialogues with others with content posts
  • Do be unique, contraversial, opinionated, noteworthy – great qualities on social media sites. 
  • Do use your personality to get noticed.
  • Do become a Real Member of the Social Media community – a resource, provide value, answer questions, retweet others useful posts.
  • Do spend REAL TIME developing your social media profile – TweetLater is useful but Tweeting NOW is essential. 
  • Do take time to build a loyal following – social media moves quickly but people take time to trust you.
  • Do follow People – you’ll get more friends in a year by being interested in them than in a lifetime trying to get them interested in you
  • Do engage in conversations
  • Do take time to BUILD Relationships – this will NOT “happen” overnight
  • Do syndicate your RSS feed across all social media platforms
  • Do keep control – 10:10:10 rule – 10 mins three times a day only
  • Do create an attractive, unique and professional profile – use the Twitter background to get more unique information about yourself out there
  • Do upload an avatar/picture – Many people do not follow people using the default avatar
  • Do build brand recognitions by using the SAME avatar for each social media service
  • Do take time to find out which social media platform your target niche uses most
  • Do learn the unwritten laws of the social media community
  • Do be interesting – if you’re funny great.  If you’re not, be yourself.


  • Don’t hard sell
  • Don’t publish press releases to the exclusion of all else
  • Don’t over-automate – social media is about being sociable
  • Don’t get verbal diahorrhea
  • Don’t stalk – if the gurus don’t want to talk to you, hassling them across every social media site will NOT help your cause.

Well, that’s my two cent’s worth! Feel free to follow me on Twitter!  And feel free to comment!  Over to you!

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