Using Twitter – Top Tips For Bloggers

Twitter is a powerful social marketing tool with the power to drive targeted traffic to your blog.  Here’s a quick and dirty list of ways to use Twitter to increase your blog traffic. 

One big mistake people make is to make the tell Twitter that you’ve made a new blog post – this does not engage your audience in the discussion.  So instead of telling them all the time, why not

  • ASK Your Twitter Audience For Their Opinion On A Topic You’ve Covered

I recently opened a discussion about whether it was possible for a 50 year-old grandad to sell successfully to the hippychick teen prom queen.  I got some very interesting posts I can tell you, including two from widely respected “gurus”.

  • Alert Your Twitter Followers To heated Blog Debates

Post your blog posts to Twitter – especially when a specific post has generated several remarks.  If you alert your Twitter followers to a heated debate on your blog, you will get more traffic to it!

  • Ask Your Twitter Followers To Share Their Experiences 

Encourage people who follow you on any and all social networks to participate on your blog by asking them to share their experiences.  Generally people love to talk about themselves so this is a good way to get them to visit your blog.   

  • Make Sure You’re Moving Along The Twitter Experience Curve

I came across this slide presentation, which I think is worth sharing!

View more presentations from Minxuan Lee. (tags: micro twitter)

Please feel free to comment on your Twitter experiences.

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