How Do I Get A Gravatar?

Ever commented on a blog and seen a little picture icon or photograph of the author at the side? Ever thought that they must be really techie and way more advanced than you? Not so!

They’re gravatars – globally recognised avatars (don’t ask – no idea!). They “follow you” on the web as you leave blog comments, and increase your “web visibility”. And as people feel more comfortable doing business with people they’ve met – gravatars help build relationships by showing you’ve nothing to hide and generate a feeling of “knowing you” that is so hard to achieve online. That can only be good!

Gravatars are easy to get. Go to and sign up for a free account. All that’s needed is your email address. Then simply upload an image, or choose an icon and you’ll start seeing it on gravatar enabled blogs!

They’re easy to put on your blog too – honestly if I did it they must be! Just type “gravatar wordpress plugin” into google, download to your desktop, unzip, upload to your server and activate the plug in from your admin area.

Now everyone can see what you look like!

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