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We all know that Alex Jeffreys is running a competition for his coaching students to see who can generate the most traffic to their blog in the two weeks to 1 Jan 2009.  Well the much respected Jack Humphreys has posted Technorati Favorite Blogs Exchange which gives a step by step run through of how to use Technorati to get a major boost to your blog traffic. 

You probably know of Technorati as one of the sites you “ping” your site to when you post.  So it can give your site a major traffic boost because the visitors from it are already interested in your site because they’ve read about it in Technorati.  However, if you visit Technorati and “claim” your blog, rather than just “pinging” to it, Technorati gives more importance to your site in searches, bringing more traffic to your website!  

First go to Technorati and claim your blog (ie prove you are the owner of your blog by putting a bit of HTML on the front page).  Then head over the Jack Humphreys site and wait for the traffic boost!

Many thanks to Eoin O’Leary for the heads up on this.  Please head over to Octisage Technorati Profile and Fav Me!  Post that you have and I will return the favour.  Let’s keep the love flowing!


  1. Joe green says:

    Hello Susan
    That sounds like another good ides – gotta find the time for all this.
    Thanks for helping me with images. I’ll be taking a close look at it tomorrow (must keep blogging or oil rig hopping now).
    Also added you to my blogroll but Joe Trueman
    suggests we wait a while before we reciprocate blogrolls because Google may not like it. he’s coming up with a solution.
    Best Wishes

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have faved you today.
    Find me at:

  3. Hi Susan,
    I came over here after reading your excellent post on Garry’s blog. I think you are so right about the division thing and I ma interested to see your blogroll on a separate page which you say google likes. Don’t know why this is so would appreciate you telling me. Yes technorati is on my list of things to do but may do it quicker after reading this. You are an inspiration (I always think people with twins are) and you’re not scarey either so I think i will be following you more now. Also Garyy’s posts are so long it takes too much time to read them. Maybe we should restricte them like twitter does !
    keep up the good work. Off to put you on my blogroll now.

  4. Hi Susan,
    I came over from reading your excellent comment son Garry’s blog. I submitted this comment once but it seems ot be lost so I’m doing it again.
    I think you’re so right about the division thing and I not yoiu have a separate page for your blogroll but I don’t understand why google likes this, please let me know.
    I find you inspiring particularly because you have twins which always filles me with terror,although I did have two kids in nappies at the same time. I will be following you from now on because I like what you say and you’re not scary.
    Yes, Technorati is on my to do list but I will get around to it sooner after reading this.
    I have put you on my blogroll

  5. Eoin O'Leary says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for passing on the credit for that.


  6. Thanks Brenda for Fav-ing me. I have returned the favour!
    And Eoin, you’re welcome – credit where credit due!

  7. Thanks Kath –

    I did get both comments but I have set the blog to make them visible only after moderation UNLESS you have already had an accepted comment – so you won’t have the same problem again. I did this to prevent spam comments.

    If you add a google sitemap to your blog (needn’t be on show just make sure it’s in your admin area and gets pinged to google – there’s a widget called Google Sitemaps which does all this automatically) then the links gets counted as backlinks – the thing about being on the front page is that people can click from there and not have to search around – but after about the top 10, there’s very little clicking from those further down the list. Eye tracking evidence suggests that the TOP ranked site in google gets (I may be misremembering the exact percentages but the proportions are thereabouts) 60-80% of all the clicks for a search term, the second one, about 10-30%, then third position less than 10% and very very few lower down. So actually anyone lower that the top 10 can’t really expect traffic – and in an alphabetised list, that’ll be about letter B, right? BUT keep commenting on a high quality site like Garry’s and you’ll get the traffic!

    And thanks for your kind comments, twins aren’t scary – just hard work! LOL

  8. thanks
    can you put me in your blogroll please
    (still think garry should export so we can all import the blogroll)

  9. Hi Susan! I love your blog! I looks great! You also have the cutest babies! I wish I could rub their heads. I love to rub bald baby heads for some reason…lol.

    I think it is a great idea about putting the blog roll on a second page. I think I might do that… as soon as I find out how to make one… lol. I know it is great exposure for everybody, so that is something I am going to have to put on my “to-do” list.

    I am also going to download the map you were talking about. That sounds like a pretty cool way to get some back links. Thanks so much for the great tip. 🙂


  10. I have added you to my FAV list with Technorati along with Jack. Also I have added you to my blogroll. Please check out my site also.

  11. Robin Pike says:

    Hello Susan

    I got to your site today and saw the information on Technorati and decided it was time to do it. I need to get back and work on the top 100 blogs in there. I am trying to schedule time in all the areas that need attention. It is easy to get side tracked, there is so much good information on everyones blog and so much we need to be doing. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night working on this stuff.

    Thanks for the instructions on Technorati; it was easy to sign up and fav you.

    I hope you are as excited about 2009 as I am!!!

    Robin 🙂

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