How To Build A Profitable Niche Marketing Website

Finding profitable markets is the key to having a successful long term business online.  And when you are first setting out, there is everything to learn all at once, which is probably why most people start with affiliate marketing – because it is easier to market someone else’s product than produce and market your own, right?

Well it depends how you go about it.

Because even though affiliate marketing is a simple concept – referring buyers to someone else’s sales page – the real key to a successful online business is getting targeted traffic to your website – and that means starting with appropriate keywork research.  Most people starting out plunge straight into writing blogs and articles without doing any keyword research and with no idea what search terms to target.

Keywords are the search terms which people type into the browser search function when they are searching on a specific niche online. If you target the right words, your website will get found and you will get traffic.

When searching for the right keywords or search terms to target, you need to use a keyword tool, such as Google’s free keyword search tool (type “google free keyword search tool external” into your browser) or whatever other keyword tool you have (I am testing one at the moment so I will report back on that).  Look for terms which are in active markets (which means that good numbers of people are searching on them) and have low to moderate market competition.

Use your common sense when doing keyword research.  When I think I have found a suitable term, I like to type it directly into the search engines (with and without speech marks around it) to see what turns up.  If the first page of Google is populated only with massive authority sites and Amazon, then it will be very difficult to rank for that keyword so it probably isn’t the right one to target (and will also explain why the number of competing websites is low to moderate!)

Once you have found your keywords, write your blog article so you use it in the titles and 2-3 times in the body.  Similarly with articles.  Don’t overuse your keywords though, or you will be penalised for keyword stuffing (very spammy).  Doing this will help you with your search engine rankings but you will also need to get backlinks to your site if you want the top spots on Google.

This is because niche marketing sites reply heavily on organic traffic from the search engines but proper keyword research and targeting will help your new niche site climb the ranking well.  And the higher you are in the search engines, the more traffic you will get to your site, and that increases your chances of making money online.

Successful niche marketing is all about dominating your niche so make sure you get good backlinks from different category sites – article directories, Web2.0 sites, forums, related blogs etc.  You will have to do this manually or outsource depending on your budget.

Link building techniques and ways of doing keyword research still work, so start using them.  It really is the only way to start building a long term niche business.  But stick with it.  Do not go after the next shiny object.  Niche marketing requires you to consistently blog and backlinking key word related articles.  Your hard work and dedication will pay off.