Is Micro Niche Finder Any Good As A Keyword Software Tool?

Getting into a niche market is simple – but finding and dominating a profitable niche market can be very tough, which is why everyone talks about “doing good keyword research”. What this actually means is finding words that people search on (actually type into the search engine), which are searched on a lot, but which are not targeted by many websites, so the competition is low to moderate and there is a good chance for you to get on page 1 of Google (which is where you need to be to get a slice of the free traffic).

Of course you can do this organically for yourself, if you have unlimited time, patience and are a genius at statistics and number crunching. But for those of us with a life, you have to use a keyword tool to help with the analysis. And one keyword tool I’ve been reviewing recently is Micro Niche Finder.

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Certainly, there are adequate free keyword tools out there which can help you with your keyword research, but free keyword tools are usually less accurate, require a lot more input and analysis from you – and stop well short of actually making recommendations for you. Which is why I decided to try Micro Niche Finder – because that is exactly what it does.

What Does Micro Niche Finder Do?

It is a software program which you install on your computer. It’s easy to install and simple to use right out of the box, although there are plenty of help videos and tutorials if you need them. Actually it’s worth taking time to learn how to use the tool properly, because you can miss ways to monetize your keywords if you don’t (like missing exact match affiliate programs!)

Micro Niche Finder aims to search for niche markets which have “been overlooked” by other programs. And whilst this is impossible for me to assess because I have not used “all other programs”, this software did turn up keyword suggestions I had not seen in two other tools. As you expect from keyword software, this tool shows you not just the keyword but the number of searches on it and the competition for it in Google.

One other really basic feature that every program must include is the ability to measure the strength of the competition according to every keyword phrase that you decide to choose.

Not only that, you will also be able to open past keyword searches inasmuch as these searches get saved and organized by the program.

Never again will you have to go through so many things just in order for you to retrieve all your past search results especially when everything is automatically organized alphabetically. Lastly, you can have all those keywords into you excel with just one simple click.

What’s Good About Micro Niche Finder?

This is a downloadable software which runs on your PC rather than a server-side software that you have to log into. I always feel that downloading something ultimately gives you more control and privacy – rather than running the risk that everyone can see what you’re researching.

I also really liked the way the software automatically organized everything – and saved it – so that I never lost a keyword search I had been working on whenever I moved onto a different tack for a while. And I loved the one click download feature so I could import everything simply into an Excel file.

But for me the real benefit of this software was the exact match domain name search, which could be linked to the strength of competition and monthly searches to give a green, yellow or red recommendation. Red means “no chance, don’t do it”, yellow means “possible but tricky” and green means “go for it”. Fantastic!

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Plus, you only pay a one time fee for the software, which is much better than monthly subscripton fees! And you still all the upgrades too!

What’s Not Good About Micro Niche Finder?

This product does not work on Macs unless you have a Windows compatible program installed first. Apart from that, I didn’t find anything bad.

How Much Is Micro Niche Finder?

The product currently costs a one time fee of $99.99. However, if that price point is a bit too steep for you – but you are still interested, you do have an option to “try before you buy”.

The “try before you buy” option is not advertised on the main sales page, for some reason so if you want to go this route, you need to:
1) Click on the “Add To Cart” button at the bottom of the sales page
2) When you have been redirected to the order page, CLOSE THE PAGE
3) You will be presented with an exit pop-up asking if you want to stay on the page
4) Click to STAY on the page
5) You will be presented with an introductory $7.99 trial option, which will give you access to the fully functioning software for a full 30 days. After 30 days you will be charged a $49 fee and one month later, a final $49 installment. This means that you get the fully functioning software for three whole months before you’ve had to stump up the full fee! Sure, you end up paying $105.99 but it will be spread out over three months – and that’s going to help with the budgeting!

So Is Micro Niche Finder Any Good As A Keyword Tool?

Yes. If you are in the market for a powerful, easy-to-use keyword software tool, I recommend you buy this. The red/yellow/green recommendations also make it a perfect buy for newbies. I really do like this product – and at a one time price of $99.99, it is really worth it.┬áIf you want to check it out for yourself before you buy, I strongly recommend you take the 30 day trial! You won’t regret it.

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