AdSense Sites – a Waste of Niche PLR Content?

I’ve talked a lot about PLR content, where to get the good PLR and things you might do with it usefully, to monetize a site. 

Another way to use your niche PLR content is to fill the pages of a purpose build AdSense site.  If you are not familiar with the term, an AdSense site is a website, blog, lens etc., which is created around a keyword (phrase) or set of related keywords, for the sole purpose of getting clicks on ads.  With AdSense, it’s all about the clicks.

So for all the naysayers who still maintain that AdSense sites are dead, I say “If you say so – less competition for the rest of us”.  And if you’re wondering if they DO still work, I say, yes, if you do it right. 

But to get an AdSense site to work, you have to have a couple things going for you – lots of traffic and interesting content (drawing the traffic).  That’s where PLR content comes in handy.  If you’re wondering if AdSense sites are a good use of niche PLR content the answer is yes – when you do it right.

The AdSense site isn’t going to get a lot of visitors that will be interested in clicking without a lot of good content.  PLR content makes this easy.  You purchase niche PLR content that is high quality, adjust it to fit your keywords, change the titles and anything else you want (within the limits of the license), to make the content more unique – and then post it on your AdSense site.

Search engines love to reward sites that are well-stocked with original, quality content with high page ranks – and that’s where your traffic is going to come from.

So if you’re using AdSense to create a stream of income, your main goals are going to get people to your site and then get them interested enough in the content to want to click on the ads.  Why not use niche PLR to give plenty of strong content, keep it fresh, update it and watch your AdSense income soar.