Use Niche Marketing To Maximise Online Income

When people first venture online and start to build a business, large numbers of them make the same mistake!  I know this because I did it too! They try to be all things to all people.  They believe that the wider your website offering, the more chance you stand of making sales.    

Not so. Not online.

Oh it works offline all right.  In the real world, if you are looking for a certain DVC at the local shopping mall, you will probably be tempted by all sorts of merchandise, a new pant suit, purse, sneakers, computer game etc., that you pass before you get to the DVD store. You may even purchase some or all of these things as well as your DVD.

But online it is very different.  Impulse purchases rarely happen in this way. In fact, you are unlikely to do any cross-selling unless it is specifically related to the DVD itself.  This means that if you set up your website with too broad a focus, your prospective customer will get confused, and leave without ever making it to your check-out! 

Instead they will type exactly what they want into their favorite web-browser or go directly to their favourite online store.  There they will buy exactly what they were looking for, or leave to find a better price elsewhere.

However, if you focus your website tightly onto the needs of a single niche market (the tighter and more focused the niche, the better), then all of your visitors will likely be interested in buying the types of goods that you are selling.  Cross-selling then becomes much easier as you will be able to interest them in related items after their initial purchase but whilst they are still in the buying frame of mind!

And the tighter and more focused your niche market, the better you results will be.  For example a website on “fishing” will be too broad to be of use to most of your visitors.  A better niche market example would be “fresh water fishing”.  Better yet would be “fresh water fly fishing” and “fresh water fly fishing for trout” would be a narrow niche market visited only by fresh water fly trout fishermen!  (I don’t fish so if you can’t actually fly fish for trout, I apologise!) 

Once you find a profitable niche and have a niche focused website you can continue to build your online real estate in other areas closely related to your original niche.  This will allow traffic from one site to flow to another of your websites, every time delivering fresh and interested visitors.  Continue to add value to your visitor’s experience and you will soon dominate your niche, and your income will grow accordingly!