The Truth About How To Build An Online Business

Most people venture online with the dream of building an online income which will free them from their real life jobs.  And for many people, it stays as just that… a dream.  Why?  After all, sitting at a computer just across the hall, in pyjamas, no commuting, loads of money, more leisure time to spend how and with whom you like, is truly the easy life.  So why doesn’t it happen like that?

Well because for a keen, fresh faced newbie, the lure of “easy money” is just too strong.  Many online newbies fall for the well-peddled myths that surround internet working and building a business online.  And who can blame them?  These myths are peddled by just about everyone out there it seems.  And the sheer amount of money that many people spend buying into these myths, and becoming disillusioned by them, is what makes many people give up – sometimes even when they are on the verge of making a break through.

The truth is making money online is NOT easy.

Running a business online is the same as for any business.  You need to do research, build foundations, advertise, draw traffic, make sales, etc.  However, because many of the gurus use very strong and emotive language in their sales letters, it is too easy for newbies to think that it is actually possible to earn thousands of dollars within a week of getting online, with no prior experience or the necessary skills.

What is true is that there is a lot of money to be made online, and you can become very rich doing it, but it will take effort, dedication and the right mix of learning and taking action to get there.

There is NO Magic Key

How many times have you read that this particular guru delivers the “real deal”, “no holds barred”, “reveals all”?  This sort of hype suggests that somehow all the others reveal everything EXCEPT the secret step which you must have to be able to make money online.  This is not true.  There is no Magic Key.

But before you buy into your next coaching program, ebook, course or membership site (and I admit it’s tough advice I struggle with too!), PLEASE bear in mind, that there are countless ways to make money online.  However, to build a successful business online you must choose what direction you’re going to go in, follow it with dogged persistence, and be patient.

This last point is worth stressing.

It takes between 6-8 years to bring a plan from initial conception to full fruition in the real world.  And that is a useful rule of thumb.  Use it for your internet business.  Do NOT expect to become rich overnight.  Oh SURE some people probably do do it, but most don’t and the vast majority NEVER do.  Would you rather “make it” in 6-8 years or never?  Me too.

The internet has changed.  What worked in 1996 does not work today.  If you set up a website or blog, chances are no-one will ever see it unless you promote it and that takes money and effort.  You can do it without money, but then it takes lots of effort and lots of patience.

If you are going to build an online business, you need to set yourself clear targets and plan to reach them or you will waste a lot of time and effort.

And you need to take the time to learn the right skillset.

Building an online business is the same as building an offline business.  You wouldn’t rush to open a bar/restaurant AND a used car dealership AND a kindergarten all at the same time without ANY knowledge of any of them AND without taking time to learn about them AND expect to MAKE MONEY QUICKLY would you?  Well it is the same online.

Decide whether you’re going to go into selling a service, affiliate marketing, selling your own products; Decide what your niche and target audience will be; Decide how you will reach them, PPC, articles, forum, email, social media etc; Find out where your target group hangs out (it’s no good spending a lot of time on one social media forum if your target group is active on another platform). Focus. Building a business is about satisfying a need with a good product or service.

You can NOT start with one hour a week

Be realistic about just how much hard work you will need to put in at the beginning!  Building a business takes time and effort.  In the early stages it will seem as if you’ve never worked as hard in all your life!  But once it is fully automated, maintaining it may take only a few hours a week.

Most people reading this will probably already have all the skills necessary to make a succesful business online.  You just need to take consistent action in one direction at a time and be patient enough to see it through.  Can you do that?


  1. Susan,

    Yours is an important post because you spell out the harsh realities of what it really takes before it’s possible to make a breakthrough on-line.

    The keys, of course, is planning, an effective strategy, and dedication.

    It helps if you enjoy Internet marketing too. I wasn’t sure that I did at first, but recently I’ve come to recognise that it provides a good outlet for many of the skills I enjoy using.

    I count the ability to make friends, (which unfortunately today is called networking), as one. But I also enjoy writing, video, and graphics.

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    I hope you will enjoy it.

    Every good wish,


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