Tap Into a Niche With Video Marketing

Carving your own spot within a niche is an involved process.  You can’t just start a website, write an article or two and deem yourself the new expert of your niche!  Unless you are a celebrity, you’ll likely still be invisible – and if you want to be successful in Internet marketing, you can’t afford to be invisible!

One excellent way to bring your online business to life is to tap into a niche with video marketing.  Video marketing is the newest and possibly best way to get the attention and respect of customers, prospects and your peers as well.  This is because it brings together all of the best elements of marketing – words, voice, and visual to create a vehicle for sharing information in a way that everyone appreciates.  And if you video yourself talking your prospects can see and identify YOU and your body language is there for all to read too!

When you tap into a niche with video marketing, you have a great chance to show what you know to possibly millions of people!  How?  Well, if you post your video on YouTube and promote the video link to it, you literally have the chance of millions seeing that video (it worked for Susan Boyle and it could work for you!)

So here are the “do’s”.

  • Create a video that’s packed with interesting and helpful information;
  • If you can, make it entertaining, as that increases hits as people embed it on their sites;
  • Optimise your video for search engines (tag it with keywords) – and you’ll improve your chances of traffic – after all search engines LOVE videos!

The reason video marketing is so important for staking a claim on a niche is that most Internet marketers still don’t use video, but it’s one of the most popular ways for people to view information on the Internet.  Video marketing has a greater impact because it’s visual.  It helps you create your brand as an expert on multiple levels and helps you gain standing in your niche because it’s so powerful.

Use video and you will put yourself above so many other internet marketers out there.  So what are you waiting for?  Go grab your video camera!


  1. Susan,

    Some great points here, especially about tagging the video with relevant keywords to help with SEO.

    I haven’t done any video as of yet (maybe a bit of ‘stage fright’?) but I know from talking with others, it is a great way to brand yourself and generate traffic to a site.

    Keep up the good work.


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