PLR Membership Sites – Money Well Spent or Just Spent?

PLR content is “Private Label Content”.  This means that you buy content that was written by someone else and use it as if you had written it yourself.  And PLR content is available all over the web and one particular source is through PLR Membership sites.  These sites compile new content PLR, maybe articles, maybe whole products, on a regular basis and you pay a monthly subscription for access.

Assuming you have checked out the quality of the PLR material and it is great quality totally original stuff, membership to a PLR site can be very cost effective in developing your products online. 

You can modify the content to suit your needs so that it is more personalized to your niche and your website, and you can claim the content as your own, even put your name as the author.  You also have the right to sell or give away the material to others.

The idea is that you’re adding your own quality content to your blog or website and reinforcing your reputation and increasing your traffic by making your website more attractive to search engines.  There is a very good case for adding valuable content to your own name online.

Plus, PLR memberships are fairly inexpensive when you consider that depending on the site, you can get access to literally hundreds of articles, blurbs and reports that you can use in any way you see fit.

So these are the pros.

What is the downside to a PLR membership site?  Well, you do have to pay for it, and you do have to use it – every month.  And if you don’t use it once you’ve paid your membership fee – you’ve wasted money.  

And it is best not to use PLR “as is” – no matter how exclusive the PLR site, you will ALWAYS be up against some competition if you leave the material totally unaltered. 

Otherwise, your content will just become someone else’s duplicate content and that doesn’t look good to the search engines.  So you still have to put some time and energy into it, or money if you’re paying someone to re-write it for you.

And it can be very time consuming to alter the PLR, even if it is just re-writing and tweaking.

So, is a PLR membership site worth it?  You’re the only person who can answer that.  

If you choose to use PLR, make sure it’s of the best quality and that you’re prepared to “make it your own”.

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