Niche Marketing Examples: What Are Different Types of Niches?

Niche marketing as a concept can be confusing.  What is a niche market?  A niche is a spot you carve out for yourself in the wide open world of the Internet.  Some niches are very broad.  Some are very, very pin-pointed.  

Broad niches might include “weight loss.”  A pin-pointed, targeted, narrow niche might be “weight loss using apple cider vinegar.”  

The way you go about building your business differs according to whether you are a broad niche marketer or a narrow niche specialist.  Both have their advantages.

Broad niches gather a lot of attention from a very broad spectrum of people. However, there are also a lot of players in broad niches and it can be hard to “stand out from the crowd” and get people’s attention.  Narrower niches get attention from people who are looking for a specific thing.  There are fewer prospective customers in narrow niches – but they are often eager buyers!

Both types of marketing bring traffic to your website, and both get different types of results.  

Generally, people try to choose niches that are smaller and more pin-pointed. These types of niches will bring a smaller audience to your website, but one that is interested in what your niche is about.  Niche marketing examples of those types of niches might be:

Broader niches bring more people to your site, but they might be looking for something other than you’re offering.  Of course, once you get that traffic to your site, you might have something interesting for them.  Niche marketing examples of broader niches could be:

You get the idea and see the difference.  These niche marketing examples give you a picture of the difference between types of profitable niche markets and what you can accomplish with each.

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  1. Interesting post, alot of information abounds about narrowing you niche. I think if you take a broader niche for your blog and promote long tail keywords that you will do well. It gives a little latitude to your marketing efforts.


  2. Though broader niches have much more competition, they are still the ones that bring in the most money.

    Microniches are easy to monetise, but the chances to make a lot of money from them are slim.

    All in all, broader niches are the best to target. You must never be afraid of the competition. 😉

    Nice post,

  3. I dont agree. My Micro Niche sites bring in a lot more money then others, as they are ranked higher and bring in more targeted traffic so people are more likely to click on ad links.

  4. The perfect niche is whatever you decide it to be – There is no such thing as one perfect niche – but there are lots of “good enough” niches where good money can still be made – babies, pets, health, learning languages, playing instruments, card games…

    The best niche in terms of money being spent is the “make money online” niche but this can be split down into smaller sub-niches like affiliate income, money from ebay, membership sites etc. However, this highly profitable market is also a cut-throat and crowded market and not everyone wants to “cut their teeth” in it.

    Easier niches to begin with are hobby niches and what you decide on here depends largely on what interests you.

  5. Well I can’t still choose a niche for my “vitamin in drink” product. I was suppose to target health conscious consumers but when I learned about this niche thing, I got confused. My product is something like a “cure for all” but when I choose to target a specific illness, it demands of you to be a doctor and I don’t want to do that…Any thoughts here Susan?

  6. Hi Rean –

    You can choose a niche market – or a niche consumer. Quite often they can be one and the same thing but in your specific case, I think you they may not be. As you say, once you start to get into the “illnesses this can help alleviate” area, it helps a LOT if you are medically qualified. So you should target the consumer. If you target people who tend to have these “illnesses” – eg forty somethings, baby boomers, new mothers etc etc and appeal to their desires to improve their lives **for the sakes of their families**, then I think it would work in all markets – especially if you give a “true life happened to me” story they can relate to. The trick is to appeal to their higher core values as I suggested.

    Hope this helps.


  7. hello everyone!!!

    i have to make a project on marketing but i am not able to proper understand what is niche marketing? i came across question

    what is your answer and why…please help me out…
    thank you

  8. Hi – Thanks for the question.

    Niche marketing simply means drilling down to a target market and offering something specific to it. This means your offer will not be interesting to everybody – probably most people won’t be interested – but those who are, will be far more likely to buy whatever you’re offering. However, you do need to make sure that people are willing to spend money in your niche or there won’t be much point targeting it!

    Which brings me on to your second question. My view is that:
    A) Readymade garments is FAR too vague and is not a niche. This needs to be drilled down further into types of clothing and target buyers – men’s formal, women’s casual, children’s sportswear etc. Keep drilling down til you have something that will appeal to people looking for it – eg. readymade children’s Christening gowns etc.
    B) Ballpoint pens – Too narrow. Technically this might be a niche but – without any research at all – I wouldn’t have thought this would be a profitable one. Ballpoint pens are very cheap. Anyone looking for a ballpoint pen might consider other writing implements too – so I would probably niche up into writing implements (depending what the keyword research turned up) and target more expensive pens and inkpens etc.
    C) Diamond jewellery – debatable but probably could be better targeted if you niched it further- say, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings etc. Someone looking for diamond earrings will not be in the market for a diamond engagement ring – so why target them both? Diamond earrings could be niched further (depending on keywords) into diamond studs, diamond hoop earrings or diamond chandeliers etc – or not.
    D) Golf Clubs – Yes.

  9. Great web content!
    I have 3 niches.Could you tell me an opinion which d u think could me more proper to start with?and maybe more succesfull…
    A)muscle mass supplements
    B)Herbal healthcare
    C)Athletic Pubalgia (disease)


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