Niche Marketing – No Blog Required?

Everyone knows that niche marketing is the way to go these days.  I’ve blogged about what niche marketing is before on this site. 

Niches allow you to focus your efforts for maximum effect – you’re not wasting time trying to cover a huge area – rather, you’re spending your resources pinpointing a target market.  The best way to build a niche following (of targeted potential customers) is by building a blog.

People love blogs.  Blogs are great places to find an ongoing flow of information that is relevant to a certain topic or subject area.  Some people think blogs are only for the internet marketing niche or personal blogs for people wanting to talk about their holidays.  Not so – they work brilliantly with all niche markets. 

All you have to do is choose your niche and start your blog.

Yes, I’m being a bit over simplistic by saying that – but really, blogs aren’t difficult to create and maintain and a blog is a great way to publish your content – the content that marks you as an expert in your field.

To build a niche following with a blog, you’ll want to first choose your niche keywords carefully.  Once you’ve done that, you can create content – your blog posts, even podcasts and videos that you embed in your blog, that center on those keywords.

Keep your blog fresh and updated on a very regular basis, and make sure you’ve search engine optimized your blog.  You’ll find that the search engines are more than happy to give it a good page rank.  This leads to more traffic and more traffic leads to a growing following.  

Create a blog to support your niche.  You’ll brand yourself as an expert quickly and it is just one more way for people to find you.  And with lots of good quality content presented in one place, they will keep coming back.  It’s true it can take a lot of effort – but it will reap rewards for you!

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