How To Get Repeat Niche Marketing Revenue

Niche markets are great opportunities for repeat revenue.  All you have to do is create a niche membership site.

Some people balk at the idea of joining or creating a niche marketing membership site. After all, what is a membership to a site going to get you that your own hard work won’t? Or why would someone pay good money to pay to have access to “secret” content?

Well, it’s just that – memberships give members access to something that everyone else doesn’t get; and something which would be very difficult, or take a long time to find without that membership… and especially if the niche is new to you.  Niche marketing membership sites can create value for the member – and revenue for the creator.

Niche marketing membership sites create repeat revenue when your customers pay on a repeating basis for access to the site versus a one-time purchase of a product. With a membership site, the product the customer buys is membership and the value they receive from that membership. As long as the customer feels that he or she is getting something from being a member to your site, they will continue to pay on a reoccurring basis.

You can create a niche marketing membership site in different ways but the easiest is probably by making it an addition to your blog. If your blog is getting readers, you might want to offer those readers premium content by joining a special part of the blog which is a membershipsite. While the blog will contain consistently great information, the membership site will give them access to special additional information, tips and strategies.

Repeat revenue with a niche membership site is easy, providing you offer something of extra value to your visitors that they cannot get access to elsewhere.  In this case, they will happily pay to have that extra information and will pay repeatedly to stay in the loop.

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