Branding Your Expertise in a Niche Market

As an online niche marketer, you’ll have a bevy of competition tailing your progress, so you must work hard to stay ahead of the pack and maintain control of the demographic.  There’s no better way to get the results you want than to develop a relationship with your niche target audience.

No niche marketer has ample time to send out personal emails to each individual prospect and customer, but you can create a persona or use your own identity to develop brand recognition among your niche market.

First, you want to allow your customers to put an image with the name of your brand.  This was a “big one” for me!  I felt very uncomfortable putting up a picture of myself.  But it doesn’t have to be a photo of yourself.  Some niche marketers use stock photos of stand-in models or graphics that depict a representation of the niche itself.  It doesn’t matter as long as your target customers can “see” you in their mind.

Next, start allowing your prospects to get to know you on more than a business to customer level.  They should know a little about your background – what got you into this niche?  Give them a story that lets them know you feel their pain, understand their needs, or want to help them on a genuine level.

Become the go-to person in your niche.  If other niche marketers who are your competition have a hands-off status on social networking sites, using them for funneling traffic via links only, then you be the sole entrepreneur who goes one step further and heightens the peer-to-peer communication with your online contacts.  

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