Why Building a List Is Vital to Niche Marketing Success

Internet marketing is like any other business.  It needs paying customers or there’s no incoming revenue.  Just how an Internet marketer reaches these customers is through various forms of free or paid advertising. 

There are two kinds of customers: the new customer and the returning customer.  You need both – but one of them is more valuable to you and is easier to get to buy.  It’s the loyal returning customer.  So how do you get and retain this repeat customer?

In Internet marketing, you attract your new customer by offering something of value to them as an enticement to “try you out.”  Usually, this takes the form of a free report, e-course, or something tangible like a DVD or trial newsletter.  The savvy marketer knows that this “free” offer must be of high quality or you won’t be getting a second chance to make a conversion into a sale.

On a squeeze page or opt-in page, you will offer a freebie, and in return your prospect must give their email address and name.  They are added to your list.  The list is created and maintained with an autoresponder service, which is a database that collects the information and sends your future messages on autopilot for you.  I would always recommend you go with a third party autoresponder service to avoid the nightmares of maintaining a double opt-in list.

Then, once they join your list by trying your free offer, they become a “returning” prospect or customer.  At this point, you will keep up the relationship by offering great information and various affiliate and info product offers. 

Treat your customers with respect.  Remember there is a real human being at the end of your email list.  Don’t think of them as a wallet to be picked.  Give them genuine, useful information with the occasional “offer” sprinkled in between.  I have found that one offer with four or five “info-emails” works well. 

Do this and you will have a nurture a valuable happy returning customer.



  1. Wow you are so right, as marketers we MUST treat our customers as friends.

    Our list in online marketing is so terribly important.

    Have you tried driving traffic to your blog using Google Alerts? That will give you more people to treat right.

    To your success

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