Tap Into a Niche with Easy Video Marketing

Carving your own spot within a niche is an involved process. You can’t just start a website, write an article or two and deem yourself the new expert of your niche. You’ll still be invisible and if you want to be successful in Internet marketing, you can’t be invisible!

One excellent way to bring your online business to life is to tap into a niche with video marketing. Video marketing is the newest and possibly best way to get the attention and respect of customers, prospects and your peers as well. It brings together all of the best elements of marketing – words, voice, and visual to create a vehicle for sharing information in a way that everyone appreciates.

When you tap into a niche with video marketing, you have a great chance to show what you know to possibly millions of people! If you post your video on YouTube or use a video sharing service such as TubeMogul, which is free or TrafficGeyser, which is not, and promote it, you literally have the chance of millions seeing that video.

And if you create a video that’s packed with interesting and helpful information and that’s a bit entertaining, you’ll have a recipe for video marketing success. If you search engine optimize that video – that’s like frosting on the cake!

TIP: Do not try to be perfect.  Unlike ads on the TV, where everyone has perfect hair and make-up, people watching online videos do not want “perfect”.  They want “real”. So be yourself and don’t worry about “ums” and “errs”.  It will make you more credible.

The reason video marketing is so important for staking a claim on a niche is that most Internet marketers still don’t use video, but it’s one of the most popular ways for people to view information on the Internet. Video marketing has a greater impact because it’s visual. It helps you create your brand as an expert on multiple levels and helps you gain standing in your niche because it’s so powerful.

TIP: Simple videos get more hits.  Advanced tactics, like how to get 20m more from your golf swing might seem more interesting but simpler videos, like how to hold the golf club properly will get more hits. 

In the past, video marketing has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people starting online with no experience of video making.  I know, I’ve been one of them.  And with all the messing around with sizes, different file formats and embedding html code in exactly the right place, it was still a difficult process even if you did know what you were doing! 

But I’ve just discovered as very easy to use video software which changes all that and lets you use video like the pros without the costs.  And when I mean like the pros, I do mean the major big gurus who are all using video exclusively for their sales letters…

Not only is this video software simple to use, but you can embed opt-in forms and buy now buttons right into your video!  So you can grow your list and make sales directly from your video… And that is just the beginning of what you can do!

Video is getting more and more important online.  If you are not using it yet because you have been daunted by the technology, the EasyVideo software means there has never been a better time to start! 

Click here to check it out and post a comment below to let me know what you think.

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