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I have been following the Alex Jeffreys coaching program on listbuilding and building a profitable online business.  I have today finished setting up my initial squeeze page and back-end product.  Apart from Aweber having a particularly slow day (although it may have been my machine), it did not take me very long.  Alex has made sure the videos are comprehensive and now the Octisage listbuilding tool, is online!

I must say, I was very impressed with the quality of the tuition.  It is a straightforward step-by-step approach to building a list online and I have no problems recommending it.  I am just curious to see how soon my page gets indexed in Google (I guess that giving it a mention in this blog will get it indexed).

Listbuilding is essential to making the big bucks online.  I have other ventures online but they require a lot of time input to get the money and it’s clear that I am never going to make the big bucks doing them because there are only so many hours in the day and I cannot leverage my earnings using affiliates. 

To make serious money online, the amount you earn has to be INDEPENDENT of the time you spend online.  That is, the amount you earn should be not be affected by the number of hours you spend online, whether you spend a few hours or 24 hours a day in your online business.  And that means two things. 

  1. An AUTOMATED business; and
  2. A RESPONSIVE (ie profitable) list  

So far, I’ve put listbuilding on the backburner whilst I followed other online ventures because I could see the money coming in.  However, whilst I am making money online, it is NOT automated and I can’t honestly see it expanding to good profitability without me suffering a nervous breakdown, or worse, marital breakdown as I take on an assistant!

Alex has convinced me to “go forward to basics” and revisit what I started.  Listbuilding has always been slow though, hampered by the poor conversion rates of my squeeze pages (which I created myself initially, although there are some good products out there which I subsequently used).

FACT:  You NEED a sweetener – an ebook or some product to tempt your prospects into becoming subscribers.

FACT:  Your own product is one of the biggest hurdles to listbuilding.  After all, when you’re starting out and know nothing, just WHAT do you give away?

Well Alex has some great ideas there too.  Watch this space!


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