Build A List One Step At A Time

As you may know, I have been following Alex Jeffreys coaching program to build a profitable business online.  Alex focuses on the importance of planning and on listbuilding.  He continually stresses the importance of being able to see the big picture before you start and planning where you want to go in order to stand a chance of getting there.

Not ground breaking stuff… but as important to an online business as oxygen is to life.

Start small think big.  Build a list one step at a time.  Understand that everyone joining your list is a REAL PERSON.  They are joining for the BENEFITS you sold them.  Not the product features.  The benefits.  They want to know how soon they will be able to leave their dead end jobs and live their dream lives (not how wonderful the listbuilding PHP script is).

But listbuilding is only the start.  Your list must be responsive, or “warm”.  The secret is to building a warm list is to give them value at the very first time they join your mailing list.   I think Alex’s ebook is the perfect tool to help with online listbuilding, stuffed full as it is with useful facts and tips. 

I can’t wait until the traffic generating modules!

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