Sacrifice Search Engine Submissions For One Way Backlinks

I’m not feeling too great at the moment.  Since the kiddies started at pre-school they seem to spend more time at home!  I’m sure every parent in the land feels the same about school holidays and a 3pm collection!  However, I am really feeling the strain!  Being an evening person, I am never very creative in the mornings and having to entertain my little men in the afternoons makes the time I have online even more pressured. 

And now I’ve got another cold!  So I’m going to make this a quick post.

We all know that linking is the lifeblood of the internet.  It brings traffic and general good karma.

However, it seems to me that too many people start out by thinking that they have to submit to search engines.  It is a “big thing” for them to be “in Google” and, as my former webhost encouraged, you have to submit regularly to Google to be “in Google”. 

No you don’t.

I really want to explain this properly.  Google loves sites that are linked to other sites.  And there is a general consensus that Google spiders new sites much more quickly if the Googlebot “discovers” them for itself instead of having the site submitted.


Forget submitting to search engines.  It’s not necessary.  You can get spidered by the search engines faster and more often by submitting to directories or posting to a regularly spidered blog and leaving a backlink to your website URL!

Next time the spider visits the directory or trafficked website, it will follow all the new links off it.  So if your link is there, you will get a visit.  PLUS you will have a one way inbound link!  Priceless!

Drop everything and start submitting!  (Hint – you can start right now by leaving a comment on this post!)


  1. dietwell says:

    great advice on a great blog is also worth mentioning article marketing write an article and if its good enough you can get many free backlinks to your site

  2. Madie Murnan says:

    Hello just stumbled your blog and i thank you for your story it was informative. I am curious about link building for my site too. Have you used the program? If so is it good? If not then what is the best tool? Thank you.

  3. Hi Madie –

    Can’t comment on scrapebox as I have never personally used it. The program I use to build links is One Way Links which I can totally recommend.

    Hope this helps.


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