Why Do WF Posts Keep Peddling This Myth?

Financial stress is hitting a lot of people these days, me and mine included.  And to try to ease the pain of not having enough money to do what you want to do, a lot of people have started to try to earn a living online in a hope of staking their claim in the Online Gold Rush. 

But most of them will fail.  Harsh though that may sound, it’s the reality.  In fact, it has been estimated that fewer than 5% of all people trying to make money online, actually succeed.  So how do you make sure you are one of the 5% who is successful?

Well you could look in online forums (fora?) for advice.  After all, there are plenty of them, like the Warrior Forum, a fantastic forum for all things internet marketing and I highly recommend it to anyone who is marketing anything online…  But sadly even there, you can often see posts simply rehashing the “old faithfuls” of how to make money online. 

Take yesterday for example.  I was in the Warrior Forum, when I saw a post about what it takes to be successful online.  The gist was that the difference between the success and failure online is simply “taking action”.  In essence, if you would only “take action”, you would be successful.


Far be it from me to disagree with the formidable WF, but, in this case, I have to.  I agree that you will be unsuccessful if you don’t take action but the reverse is simply not a “given”. 

It really is not that simple.  Having tried a lot of things online, I know that it is perfectly possible for any newbie to be extremely busy taking all sorts of actions and STILL be getting nowhere!  I think every single newbie who ever comes online is VERY busy taking action because they are so full of enthusiasm. 

No.  Simply taking action will not guarantee you online success.

And it isn’t even focus.  Newbies can be very focused – tweaking and prettying their websites or using Google Adwords to drive traffic to other people’s squeeze pages for pennies.

The key to success is simple.

You need to follow a tried and tested method for success without deviation.  Do NOT try to reinvent the wheel. Do NOT miss out steps and do NOT “improve it”.  Find someone who speaks your language; someone who is successful (and can prove it) and COPY them.

The key to success online is following a successful blueprint to the letter.

Trick is to find the genuine article with so many wolves out there… 

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