Target Newbies For Online Success

OK, you’re building an online business, you’ve got your product and you’re list building.  But who do you think will be on your list?  Who do you want to be on your list?

Assuming you’re targeting the “internet marketing, how to make money online working from home” niche, the answer is simple.  You should be targeting newbies.

Think about it.  Most people online are searching for information.  Fact.  And when they find a source they can trust, their “guru” if you like, people stop searching so hard.  And the next time they need the answer to something, the first place they check is.. You’ve guessed it… their “guru”.  They turn to one person for advice and leadership.  The one person they trust to give them accurate information in this crazy online world of information overload.  Their “guru”.

You need to be someone’s guru.

That’s why you should target the newbie audience.

The fact is that the internet is growing at an alarming rate.  Hundreds of thousands of people come online for the very first time every single week.  And research has shown that newbies search for information a lot longer than people who are internet-savvy. 

Internet savvy people go to their chosen “gurus” and, if their “guru” has the answer, they look no further.

Newbies don’t. 

Newbies surf the web much more widely than any other group online.  They check out a number of sources, comparing what each says against the others.  And after much research, a newbie may select their “guru” – a person to whom they will turn for information advice for n indefinite period of time.  And newbies listen to their “gurus”.

That is why you must target the newbie audience.  Newbies are coming online every day.  There is always someone less knowledgeable than you!  Share your knowledge.

Unless you have kept a detailed journal of your online activities, you are probably unaware of just how far you have come in your online business.  And even if you don’t realise it, there is definitely something YOU can say to add value to someone’s online experience.  And that will make YOU the guru to a newbie!

Remember, be yourself.  Newbies are looking for someone more experienced than themselves that they can relate to and trust.  Your target audience is out there somewhere! 

Now all I have to do is figure out where the stressed-out-unappreciated-twin-WAHM-with-errant-dogs-and-doubting-Thomas-husband-having-a-bad-hair-day crowd hangs out!  Any ideas?

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  1. Hi Susan,

    I hope things are going well for you, it’s been a while 🙂

    Great post and you are quite right, we all have knowledge that is of benefit to those further behind us.

    Speak to you soon

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