Take Action For Success

You need to take action to be successful.  That sounds obvious, but many people never get it. They blame everything and anyone because they are not achieving what they want instead of just taking action on something.

Some people over-analyse trying to find the perfect solution.  Nothing in life needs to be perfect to work.  It just needs to be good enough.  Don’t overanalyse.  If you think about something too much, you will never do anything.  Inaction gets you nowhere. 

I’m NOT suggesting you don’t think through the course of your actions.  No.  Planning is also essential if you are going to get anywhere.  However, inaction definitely gets you nowhere. 

I recently got an email alerting me to a fantastic new Giveaway which was gearing up and looking for new contributors and JV partners.  All I needed to do was provide my details and details of my Giveaway product.  I had a squeeze page and download page I could adapt for my new graphics but they also needed considerable editing and hooking up to a different auto responder list.  I figured it would take me 2-3 hours.

I could have put it off, been lazy, procrastinated.  Or, given we were about to leave on holiday, just not done it at all.  But I acted immediately and spent the time writing, editing and uploading everything I needed. 

Did anything come of it?  Yes – I got new subscribers to my mailing list. 

You have to decide to do something and just do it!  You may fail or you may not get the results you wanted but even if you only just learn from your experience, it will have been worth it.

But don’t sit and wait to feel motivated.  Motivation doesn’t come first.  Act! You will become motivated!  Take action!  It is the only way you will stand a chance of becoming successful.


  1. Hi Susan,

    This is a good post but I wonder did you plan to release that product as a give-away?

    I’m working on a give-away product that I think will be exceptional and I decided not to give anything away until I’ve finished it.

    Meanwhile I’m working, somewhat, to a plan testing several things as I build my skill set.

    I remember you posting on my blog about my assertion that today it’s insufficient to write original, useful content. I still hold to that. Of course content still needs to be original and useful but so much more is needed in terms of traffic generation and SEO.

    The main things, I think, are to follow established practices, stick to a plan, persist, and have fun :~)



  2. Hi Stephen

    I am working on products to sell with “lite” versions to give away as teasers for the full calorie versions. I think that is the way to develop expertise and brand awareness whilst also giving quality content to build a list.



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