Outsourcing Costs Of Internet Marketing Tasks

Some Internet marketers try to do all of their work themselves.  All Internet marketing activities are necessary components of a successful Internet marketing business, but take a huge amount of time and energy.  For many, outsourcing some Internet marketing tasks is the answer.

But what are the pros of outsourcing?  And what’s the true cost of outsourcing your Internet marketing tasks?  As you might expect, there are pros and cons!


  1. Improved Focus
    You’ll be able to concentrate on the tasks that you are doing yourself better, because you won’t be trying to do so much multitasking.
  2. More Time
    You’ll also have more time to yourself, which can be used to spend relaxing, or for tending to other priorities such as your family.
  3. Less Procrastination
    You’ll procrastinate less because you can outsource those tasks that you either don’t feel skillful enough to do or simply don’t like to do.


  1. Money
    Obviously, you need a certain amount of money to pay for your outsourcing.  And this generally means that people do not consider outsourcing until their online business has started to be regularly profitable.  But money spent outsourcing is well worth it when you factor in the time saved and the stress relief you get from offloading certain tasks. 
  2. Worry
    Outsourcing can go wrong.  You might find that those that you’ve outsourced work to are not doing a quality job, or do not get things done to your timetable because they are prioritizing other clients’ work!   
  3. Upfront Organizing
    And with outsourcing, you still have to do some organizing and you also have to take time to inspect the work you’re paying for – at least until you find that your contracted help is reliable and has high standards for their work. 

Outsourcing some of your work can be well worth it.  Just be sure that you’ve chosen good helpers with good reputations, so that outsourcing is a source of joy – not of worry and frustration. 

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