Nitro Quattro Product Review

I have recently been taking a bit of time to look around for things that actually work and the Nitro Quattro System is one of them.  For anyone starting online, the idea used to be to just get as much traffic to your ste and hope that some of it converted.  Nitro Quattro is a bit different in that it is a four step system which they claim will take your existing traffic and increase sales 100%, 200%, 500% or more.

Nitro Quattro has developed a system that allows online entrepreneurs to monetize their existing customer base and double, triple, even quadruple the average value of those customers.  In other words Nitro Quattro shows you exactly how to earn more from every one of the customers you do get to your site.

Think about that.  This is not some pie in the sky hype of flooding your website with more traffic than you can cope with.  It is a system which shows you how to multiply the value of your existing customers several fold! And this is precisely WHY you need to look at this product.  Unlike other products out there, Nitro Quattro is an easy to use system that does NOT require a reinvention of your business, just an adoption of a successful sales system.

To put it into terms that anyone can grab onto, if you have a $5,000 a year online income stream, you can realistically turn that into $25,000 or more using this system! How much would that help you? And it also works for super successful businesses too.  One part of the material is a review of how a one company used the Nitro Quattro system to go from $550,000 to $8.3 MILLION dollars a year in about two months. 

The Nitro Quattro system is a 4 part income sales and marketing funnel which leads to the name “Quattro”. These are:

– UNO; An irresistible front end product.
– DOS: Immediate multiple upsells
– TRES: Ongoing monthly subscription
– QUATTRO: Tele-sales and one on one coaching

To begin with, every business needs a product. With Nitro Quattro, you will learn the basics of creating a product that “opens the wallet” right from the off. This is the UNO. But it is not just how t come up with a great idea and producing it, but writing a killer sales letter that draws people to it. What good is a great product if you can’t sell it?  People do not “buy” products, they “buy” sales copy.  Nitro Quattro shows you how to get both right.

The DOS, is the customer upsell. This is a major part of the “Quattro”. After the initial sale, your customer is still in buying mode and wants to know what else you have to offer them. The upsell is where the money really starts to come in and that is why it is so important for the front end, the UNO to be MONSTER in quality and possess the “wow” factor. This is taught in a no nonsense way that even beginners can grasp and work with.

The third part of the funnel is the TRES, or monthly recurring income.  Now that you have your customers in your system, you want to keep them there as long as possible. Nitro Quattro teaches techniques that achieve that exact result. Learn how to keep them interested and wanting more. All during this time, you will be performing the upsells in the DOS.

Last, there is the QUATTRO, or the tele-sales and coaching portion of the system. By offering training and coaching to your customers, you’ll increase their satisfaction and success with your product while making money at the same time.

All of this sounds like a basic marketing course, but it is different. It is actually radical in it’s scope and concept. The material presented in so many different ways. You have the choice of video (DVDs), audio CDs, plus the complete transcripts, Powerpoint slides, and handouts from the event printed with a large manual.

From the beginning of the system to the last, this is a massive, powerful learning tool that every Internet marketer should pick up. Anybody can benefit from Nitro Quattro, from the novice beginner who just got their first computer today all the way to the seasoned marketer with years of success.

Whatever your level of experience, you will find everything you need to create Internet success with this system. All in all, Nitro Quattro is a quality, hard hitting course for creating a success Internet business system. Unlike most courses that take you through one aspect of marketing, this is comprehensive and has case studies making the system nearly automatic.

I think the best thing about this system is that you get to learn about it before you buy. The whole system is revealed before you buy. In fact you get so much information for free that you could start making money from that alone. 

In the end though, it is your decision.  Buy it if it is in line with what you are doing online.  Do not buy it if it is not right for you.  Nitro Quattro is a good product, but like any product, only buy it if you will use it. 

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