Niche Marketing Versus Casting A Wide Net Approach

When you’re hoping to make money online, your initial instinct is to cast a wide net and see how many spenders you can catch within a niche.  You might think that by targeting a broad niche like dieting, you’d have more of a chance at success than someone who drills down in the niche for something more targeted.

But in reality, those who start with micro niche markets and expand from there are some of the most powerful Internet Marketers in today’s marketplace.  It’s true that the number of potential prospects dwindle as you drill down into a niche.

However, the more you hone in on your target audience, the more likely you are to find someone who is really ready and willing to spend money for a solution.  You can think of niche marketing in terms of keywords to begin with.

Someone who types the keyword golf into a search engine, for example, may just be looking for basic information – what the game is about, who won the latest tournament, or even online golf games.

You can target a specific niche market like women’s golf or senior golfers and make more money because there are fewer competitors.  Or, you could focus on the products – like golf equipment.  Someone who types in the brand name of a particular golf club is usually looking to hit the order button right then and there.

Think of your Internet Marketing empire as an inverted pyramid.  Start with highly targeted narrow niche markets and build on that success. Your websites and promotional efforts can all be connected as time goes on, but you’ll find it easier to dominate a niche with one area already mastered.

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