How To Supercharge Your Online Business Building Efforts

There are so many things that need to be done when starting to build a business online.  Create your own product, step by step list building , get some affiliate products to promote seem simple in the chaos of learning HTML, figuring out FTP, blogs, WordPress, graphics, squeeze pages, copywriting etc.  So how do you get a successful business online before the men in white coats take you away to the funny farm?


And to do that, you need to get some online discipline.  This is my list to supercharge your online efficiency:

1.     STOP buying “the latest thing”.  It may well be a “must have” to supercharge your business but until you have a business to supercharge, you’ve wasted your money.  And when you do have a business in need of supercharging, there WILL be another “latest thing” – trust me!

2.     Work in 60-90 minute power working blocks followed by a 10-30 min break.  Aim to work for at least two power-working blocks per day – three if you have time.

3.     Close your email.  You don’t need the distraction.

4.     Sign out of Skype.  Sign out of Yahoo IM.  These are the biggest distractions on the internet and should only be left open when your kids using your computer to play games on!

5.     Tell the family that you’re working and do not want to be disturbed.  (Ask politely!)

6.     Decide which tasks you are going to tackle.  Maybe you want to write 2 blog posts, add comments in 5 forums, start the copy for your sales letter, learn about blog optimisation, spend time on your auto responder sequence emails etc.

7.     Write a To Do List in detail.  Plan how long you are going to spend on each task and STICK to it.

8.     Check off items on your To-Do List as you complete them.

9.     Use a journal to jot down anything unrelated that you need to get out your head.

10.   Set the clock.

11.   Focus on ONE task at a time.

12.   Work for 60-90 minutes and then take your 10-30 min break.  Do something totally different.  Leave the computer.

13.   Work on the tasks in one project in rotation until you have finished that project.  Use consecutive power working blocks to schedule different tasks within the same project.

14.  Get your project online and start driving traffic.

Feel free to leave me a comment below if I’ve missed anything out!


Actually I’ve decided to take my own advice and I’m actively working on product development right now.  If you’re interested in knowing what, please sign up at the pop-in hover form or just go to and sign up there.



  1. Hi Susan,

    Great job on this blog post, I suffer from an extreme lack of focus and I’ve been guilty of doing most all of the stuff you list not to do!

    Lol, that’s why I’m still struggling to get my IM biz up and running. I’ve managed to get some work done on my blog and get it close to where it needs to be but I need to focus more on getting my business running and making money. I wish you much success with your new ebook, I’m friends of Tim Buttles who helped you with the ebook cover.

    Take care and thanks for including me on your blog roll, you’re on mine too and have been since we began our coaching class.

    Have a blessed day,

  2. Hi Susan

    I’m planning to start planning soon too.

    I’ve been flitting around the IM section of the Net for so long I can recgonise phrases in regard to who I first heard say them. Work in 60-90min sections = Eban Pagan. Use a journal = Frank Kern etc. etc. I really MUST start doing it all though as you say. Thanks for the reminder – yet again.


  3. Hi Tony –

    Yes – there’s no rocket science to building a successful business – you just need to find someone who can say it in the way and AT THE TIME you need to hear it. After all “the teacher comes when the student is ready” (who sald that??) Don’t know but it’s uncannily true!


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