How to Make an eBook for Sale Online

One of the simplest ways to get into business online is to write a hot niche eBook to make for sale.  Internet marketers have made fortunes on this simple fact – people will pay you for information if it solves a desperate need for them.

First, you’ll want to find the niche to write about.  It may be that you’re an expert in some subject that others will pay good money to know, such as how to get your baby to sleep all night or how to use indicators in the Forex market.  It doesn’t matter that there are already dozens of books on the subject.  Just write it from your own perspective.

Next, write your research up in a word processor like Microsoft Word.  You may find it easier to start with your chapter headings and then flesh them out.  There are lots of places to get advice on how to do this but I like to make the first paragraph of every chapter a summary of the whole chapter – and then flesh out each individual sentence of the first paragraph into a subsequent paragraph of its own. 

Take time to set your writing out properly.  It can be simple or you can take the time to format it so that it looks neat and classy.  Just remember that it will represent your brand so do a good job putting it all together.  Above all, your work must be easy to read.  Ariel 12pt double spaced works well in most browsers (all the popular ones) and it can be read easily onscreen.

Once you’ve finished writing, you will need to publish your work in PDF format.  This used to be a lot harder than it is now.  Word 2007 has the facility to publish directly into PDF through a free plug-in available from Word.  Adobe also offers an online service for converting your Word doc to PDF.  And if you have a PDF printer on your PC like PDF Printer or Adobe Acrobat, just choose to print to PDF in your printer drop down box. 

Next you will need to have a sales page where you tell about your eBook, which ultimately has a PayPal or other type of order button.  I recommend using secure automated delivery services like SmartDD or Download Guard, which collect the payment and prevent theft.  

Don’t make selling an eBook harder than it is – just get the product up and running so you can start driving traffic to it!

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