How Big Is Your Backend?

OK, I wasn’t being personal.  I was trying to get you to focus attention on your backend… sales.  It’s something that gurus bang on and on about, but still people sometimes forget about the importance of backend sales.  

In case this is new to you, the idea is quite simple. 

Once you’ve converted a site visitor to a customer, which means once someone has bought from you – you’ve accomplished a sale.  But what happens next is crucial.  Before you forget all about that customer and start attracting more new customers, remember that your existing customer could become a repeat customer – if your backend offers are big enough.  

After all, you know that the established customer already likes what you have to offer, so take advantage of that and offer them more of a good thing.  

But how, you say?

Well, why not get creative and use quality niche MRR (master resale rights) in your backend sales?  

Let’s see how that might work.

Well, depending on what you are promoting, you might find that master resale rights can play an interesting role in your backend sales.  You might have a fantastic info product that you’ve bought with MRR, one that you can offer to your customers as an additional product that they will find to be a good investment – especially since they are given resale rights with the product and can sell it to others!  In certain selling situations, this might be an exceptional opportunity for you to make more money… and for your customer to make money too (in the resales).  It’s a classic win-win situation.

So remember your backend sales, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  You can let MRR play a role in your backend sales and create some interesting opportunities for both yourself and your customers.

They’ll thank you for it!

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