Get One Way Authority Backlinks To Your Blog With Zimbio

These days the importance of getting quality backlinks to your website or blog is essential to get a ranking in Google. And whilst no-one knows the precise way Google rates backlinks, it is widely though that one way backlinks carry more weight.

In the early days of the internet, one way back links could be had simply by dropping a webmaster an email and asking for a link back to your site. Nowadays, the internet is much more aggressive and savvy. By and large, requests for backlinks fall on stoney ground. So how do you get quality one way links to your site?

Are you using Zimbio?

Zimbio ( is a large and growing online social networking/sharing site that allows users to build interactive Wikizines (web magazines) that anyone can create, or edit on whatever topics they choose. It is not simply a celebrity site, although members have submitted thousands of Wikizines about a wide range of topics, including celebrities, popular culture and special interests. In fact you could create a Wikizine about any topic at all. Including your blog!

The interface is incredibly easy to use and allows you to create topics in just a few minutes including RSS feeds from your blog! And if you submit articles from your blog posts, then Zimbio will provide backlinks to EACH of your blogposts. The beauty of the system is that every article you add gets a backlink to your site.

Since Zimbio’s mission is to be an authority site on many different topics, Google often features it highly in its Search Engine Results Pages. So by posting consistently on Zimbio you will get quality one way backlinks to your site AND become known as the expert in your chosen field!

If you’re not using Zimbio, you should be.

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Many thanks for your email and post on my site in answer to my query. The explanation was excellent and easy to follow, great!

    Will check out the thread on F.500 re: backlinks. Thanks, not always aware as to what’s going on, as there always seems that there are lot’s of other things to accomplish!

    I see what you mean about using Zimbio. I will be trying it
    and see what gives!

    Hope you are getting the Gym now!

    Thanks again


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