Finding a Niche for Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Everyone wants to know how to find the right niche.  There would be nothing worse than investing a lot of time and (in some cases) money working on a particular niche market, only to realize there wasn’t much money to be made in it.

Finding a hot niche isn’t as easy as pulling out a metal detector and running it over the ground.  You won’t have fellow marketers handing you niche market ideas on a silver platter, either.  If they find something hot, you can bet they’re going to keep a lid on it.

You have to work on finding a niche yourself, and that means rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to dig into some research.  There are three key tasks you’ll want to work on – spying on what products are successfully selling in the marketplace, sizing up the competition, and analyzing the keyword search volume.

On one hand, you want to find a niche where sales are thriving.  But on the other hand, it’s best if there are as few competitors as possible.  So try finding that delicate balance.  You can look for ideas on sites like Clickbank (look for a gravity above 10), Amazon, Ezine Articles, Barnes & Noble and Google Trends.

Once you work on those two tasks to see what’s selling and how many competitors are invested in that niche, you’ll need to find out exactly how the paying public is looking for information on the topic.  What words and phrases are they typing into search engines like Google?  Take your list of those keywords and create a narrow niche market that will pay off for your Internet marketing efforts. 

OK.  That sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?  But that’s what you have to do or risk spending your time and efforts in a niche where no-one’s spending any money! 

Very occasionally I come across something that is almost too good to share and this is one of those times.  Niche research is essential, but if you don’t want to do it, you need to buy research into hot niches that has already been done for you.  I personally recommend Niche Product Research, because it saved me a lot of time and effort, and because it works. 

Of course you’re welcome to continue with your own efforts.  But whatever you do, find a niche, make sure it will be profitable, and then exploit it!


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