eBook Writing – An Important Form of Internet Marketing

eBooks are gaining in popularity!  They have become a viable marketing tool and people love the fact that they are convenient, less expensive and do exactly what a print book does.

And eBooks are great for helping you to build your own personal brand as an expert.  It’s digital, but it’s still a real book – with you as the author!  This is yet another reason why you should learn about eBook writing as a useful form of marketing.

There are two distinct ways to get into eBook writing.  The first is to write your own eBooks and publish them online.  You can sell them as affiliate info products from your own website or from an affiliate network such as ClickBank.

This serves two purposes – bringing in money and establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen niche.  On the downside, you need time, creativity and energy to write your eBook – and if you have all these things then there is nothing from stopping you from starting right away!  Write an eBook that provides useful information to the reader.  Make sure it’s complete and that it looks good and reads well.

The other approach to eBook writing is to hire a talented ghostwriter to write your eBook for you.  You can find cheap but good ghostwriters in the Warrior Forum, or at Elance.  This is perfectly fine!  You have an idea for an eBook, you have someone with the time, energy and creativity write it for you at an agreed upon price, and when you pay for the service, you get the copyrights to that book and your name goes on it as the author.

You sell it and establish yourself as an expert in exactly the same way as you would have had you written it yourself.  Both ways are acceptable!

And don’t forget, you get to put all your affiliate links inside your eBook – and if you offer Master Resell Rights, then your eBook could go “viral”!

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