Increase Traffic By Offering A Free eCourse

Everyone with a website needs traffic to it.  Traffic is the lifeblood of all online businesses.  And one great way to generate traffic is to offer a free ecourse. 

If you have extensive knowledge on a particular subject, why not create a free ecourse for your website visitors. Obviously, the ecourse should be related to the theme of your website! For example, if your website is selling niche ebooks, your free ecourse could be on buying and selling ebooks online for example.
Your ecourse could be in html, autoresponder and ebook format.

If you are comfortable using HTML, you could put your ecourse right on your website.  To do this, you will need to create a separate webpage, with a title and table of contents.  Using clickable chapter links will help your visitors navigate around easily.  One major advantage of having the ecourse on your website itself is that it will increase the length of time people spend on your website, and so increase the chance of you making sales.

Remember to allow people to give away your e-course on their websites.  Just have them link to your website from theirs… and all those lovely backlinks will do wonders to your traffic flow!

Create your ecourse in a downloadable ebook format, and remember to include links to your website and your business ad in the ebook.  There are lots of free ebook creators on the web.   

Always allow people to give away your free ebooks.  With your links inside them they will go viral all over the web, and drive traffic too!

Publish your ecourse on your autoresponder. Whilst you could sign up to a free autoresponder, if you’re serious about your business, you should use the best third party autoresponder on-line.  Simply put one chapter of your ecourse in each message and schedule them to go out at regular intervals.  Remember to put links to your website in your autoresponder email signature.

Another way to generate traffic to your sites would be to allow advertisers to advertise in your ecourse.  Ask them to advertise your free ecourse on their websites (by providing a backling to your site) and generate further visitors to your website.  

These are just some of the ways you could generate traffic using a free ecourse.  You could additionally burn it to DVD and sell it on eBay, use a fax-on-demand service, make a video of your ecourse and post it to video sites etc.  Don’t forget, using as many formats as you can to generate as much traffic as you can handle!  Go for it!


  1. Hi Susan

    Thanks for popping by my Blog. I was reading your story and I’m about where you were all those months ago. I totally understand the “other half” pressure. It must be scarier for them as they think we’re getting into something that’s going nowhere (because of past experience) .I’m just following instructions with some of the things I do. I don’t have a clue about alot of it . Its so mind boggling and confusing how everything interconnects or doesn’t. I tried to do that neat thing you have happening in the top left corner with the picture and the optin form for the free ebook but I didn’t know how to put it in my sidebar. A few hours later I got distracted and went off to do something else. Can you tell me how please.

  2. Hi Chrissy – I sometimes think it is hard for other halves to give full support when you’re trying to set up an online business to make money – especially if the other half is a man! I know mine finds it very hard. Constant undermining sniping… He really doesn’t understand what I’m trying to do here -“messing about wasting time”. (Do women EVER say such things to their men?) I don’t tell him very much any more – I just try and work through it. Not a great strategy for a marriage I know! LOL. It’s been tough but with Alex Jeffreys Coaching program I finally think I’ve found a way to get the support to drive me through!

    My dream is to build a business (the company is Octisage so it makes the inheritance and tax planning easier). I want to provide value and build a brand that will be as well known online as Amazon (hey, “start small, think big” as Alex Jeffreys is always saying… )

    I haven’t actually been doing this very long. I’ve been in the ebook business for a couple of years – small stuff – but then ebay banned digital. I didn’t want the hassle of burning CDs and posting them out for a $2.99 ebook… so I sort of went back into the wilderness. Then I got the email from Alex about his coaching program. I’ve NEVER tackled internet marketing head on and listbuilding has always been on the “cool” back burner. Blogging was well out my comfort zone a few weeks ago! I’m buckled up for the ride!

    Anyway, you asked about the sign up form on the first page – I use a very good template (paid not free) called Semiologic Pro, which basically has all the bells and whistles and is easy to use for complete newbies. – I simply entered a “text” box in the left hand column, cut and pasted the graphic (snagged from the Profit Pulling Platform) and added a link to the Squeeze Page. Then I added an Aweber javascript underneath and saved the lot. It took a bit of manipulating to get the sizing and spacing right but essentially cut and pasted it. If you’re using a free wordpress template I think it would be slightly different but not much more. The tricky bit is to get the column on the LHS. If you have problems, please let me have your login details and I’ll see what I can do. Susan

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