What Kind of PLR Is Available for Internet Marketers?

One of the best “short cuts” available to the Internet marketer is PLR products.  Private Label Rights (PLR) products can be simple, short articles ready to be put on a blog all the way up to a fully written eBook or report with a sales letter and bonus reports. 

There are PLR audio, video and even PLR software just ready for you to change up and then make available for resale.  The advantage to PLR is that someone else has done the footwork of putting together a product, saving you precious time. 

Then, depending on the license, you can basically do what you want with it.  You should obviously change the author name and redo as much as possible to make it unique.  Go through and do edits, add or subtract to the whole and you have your product ready to sell.

There are really so many ways to use PLR, too, beyond the obvious fix up and resell.  You can take an article pack and make a report or short eBook out of it for sale or as a free bonus. 

You can take full reports and break them into articles.  Record an MP3 of yourself reading them and add them as a bonus to a package that you’re selling.  Or, you can read the articles while recording a PowerPoint slide show and you have an instant video!

Using PLR saves you time which is money.  For the person who isn’t confident in his or her own writing skills, PLR is one way to solve the problem.

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