Right Hand Diamond Rings

Right hand diamond rings are one of the hottest new trends to hit the fine jewelry fashion scene in recent years.

It used to be unheard of for a woman to buy her own diamond ring.  But these days women are increasingly buying their own jewelry, and rather than wait for the traditional diamond engagement ring, women are buying gorgeous diamond rings of their own and wearing them on their right hands.  

Wearing a diamond ring was always more acceptable for the left hand. Diamond rings are thought of as the traditional engagement rings or wedding rings, which are always worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

The right hand diamond ring is marketed to financially independent women because they symbolize success, self-assertiveness and freedom, which completely different to the symbolism of the left hand diamond rings, which symbolize with love, commitment and union.

Right hand diamond rings are different from engagement rings.  There is typically no single centrepiece diamond stone, rather large numbers of smaller diamonds are arranged in much more flambouyant styles than diamond engagement ring designs.  Right hand rings are often also set with high fashion gemstones too, such as top grade tanzanite, hot pink sapphires or amethyst.

Right hand diamond rings symbolise a woman’s independent success and her role in life as a significant contributor whether or not she has a life partner.  

Right hand diamond rings have substantially widened the marketing possibilities for fine diamond jewelry, which was previously marketed to men almost exclusively.  Previously men were perceived to have the money to spend on fine diamond jewelry.  But today, marketing efforts are equally being targeted to a woman’s sense of self worth and personal achievements.   

But diamond right hand rings are not about being single.  These rings can be worn by married women too – they symbolise empowerment, strength of spirit and personal achievement.  These rings have also gained popularity simply because they are beautiful and something new to try out – a trend everyone’s enjoying.

Right hand rings can also make the perfect gift for any strong spirited woman in your life, so browse through the different designs and find one that matches her personality.

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