Resell Rights Infoproducts Are Dead – Aren’t They?

Resell rights (or resale rights) are the rights to sell a product (and to pass on the right for your customers to sell it in the case of Master Resell Rights) but not to alter it in any way (although graphical changes are often allowed).  However, as time goes on, the internet market place becomes more and more flooded with the same product.  this makes it harder ot sell and, more importantly, harder to earn a profit off.  

So are resell rights products dead? Or is it possible to benefit from (Master) Resell Rights Packages these days?  Surely their day has long gone? Rubbish! 

We’ve all got lots of master resell rights packages and PLR packages lying on our hard drives.  That’s because at some point, we’ve all been tempted by the sheer volume of reports, audios, videos and membership sites that invariably come packaged together in Resale Rights Fire sales and other offers. 

However, it takes forever to download, unpackaged and organise them.  So unless you are superhumanly diligent, it’s more than likely that you haven’t even read most of your MRR products, never mind done something with them so you can start to profit from them!

Do NOT worry!

Here are some ideas which will allow you to recoup some of the money you have spent on (master) resell rights packages.

A word of caution – Before you do anything, recheck the precise rights that come along with each product.  Many resell rights eBooks and reports come with giveaway rights, or bundling rights, but you need to be sure what you can and cannot do with the product.

  • Use as targeted incentives for your customers

Search your hard drive for resell rights products that are in the same, or a complementary niche to one of your products/websites and offer them as a bonus for ordering your product.  Targeted bonuses generally increase sales.

  • Repackage into niche specific bundles and sell the bundle.

Most resale rights packages are topic specific.  So if you bundle your products into tight topic niches, they can be sold to targeted audiences – and the narrower the niche the better.  Sell your bundles in forums (e.g. Warrior Forum) by offering a special offer (NB, you have to have posted 30 times in the main forum before you can submit a WSO).

  • Use the resell products as unannounced gifts

Tell people that they will get a secret or unannounced gift when they buy your product.  Then send one or more related products every week for a few weeks.  Your customers will love you for overdelivering!

  • Give them away to help build your mailing list.

You may be able to give some of you rresell rights products away free of Giveaways, depending on the rights you have for each.  You may also be able to give them away as bonuses for signing up for your newsletter or ezine.  Remember to keep teh fereebie giveaways related to the messages you send out though or you’ll have some very confused customers!.  And remember to make the download page for your gift as the Confirmation URL in your autoresponder… or else your subscribers will get their gift without having to double opt-in!

  • Use as content for Adsense Websites

Google Adsense websites rely on lots of high quality content.  Why not break down your resale rights products into small sections and adapt the information for pages on your website. 

So there you go.  Lots of different ways to usefully benefit from your (Master) Resell Rights products.  Grab some master resell rights products today and start profiting from the quality content!

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