Peridot Is An Extraterrestrial Gemstone

A piece of gemset jewellery is a must in every fine jewellery collection.  And not too long ago the gemstone would typically be one of the classic precious gemstones, namely diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and to a lesser extent, garnets and opals.  But no more!  Although these traditionally precious gemstones are still highly prized, women are increasingly seeking to add the more unusual gemstones to their fine jewellery collections.  

One such gemstone is peridot.

Pronounced “pair-ee-doh”, peridot was popular in early Greek and Roman jewellery.  In fact Cleopatra’s renowned “emerald” collection is now thought to have been mostly comprised of peridot gemset jewellery

Peridots are surrounded by myth!  They are thought to have the power to cure asthma, reduce fever and increase the potency of medicines.  Such fabled powers probably come from the more unusal sources of peridots.  Although peridot is a mined gemstone on Earth, coming from Tanzania, Kenya , South Africa and elsewhere, the most unusual peridot comes from extraterrestrial meteorites!  Known as pallasites, some meteor peridot is reputed to have been facetted and set into jewellery!  

Peridot is August’s gemstone.  It ranges in colour from golden lime greens to rich grass greens and from light yellow-green to deep olive.  It is widely admired for its sunlit citrus glows and has come to symolise warmth and charity.   

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