Money Making Online – My Strategy For Driving Traffic

Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program is now in full swing.  After the fourth webinar I am feeling very motivated, if a little awed by the avalanche storm that I know will break loose!  I am excited I know that!  First off, I just want to comment on the quality of people on this coaching program.  There are a LOT of people who have been online for a while, a few years etc and also some lucky ones who have found Alex’s coaching program within their first six months online.  But wherever they are, everyone is friendly and helpful and there is a real sense of community already.  This is invaluable.

Alex has set us a challenge of making a mailing list of 1500.

Every time I set up a new web-business, I focus on the end game while putting one foot in-front of the other. I don’t get distracted, I press ahead tirelessly until the mission is accomplished.

The secret of success is to find your path and never waiver, just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you reach your goal. If you treat failure negatively, you will never succeed.  However, if you treat failure as a necessary part of success, LEARN from it, adapt and move on, success WILL follow.

So far in my list building mission I have achieved 2 sign-ups.  This is new territory.  I have been online for a couple of years but in the ebooks marketing area and have a small ebooks list.  However, I have NEVER tackled the intensively competitive “internet marketing” niche head on.  And listbuilding has always been on the back burner.  Now it is centre stage. 

So, over the next two weeks I will:-

  • “warm up” my list built from ebook activities;
  • place and comment on the success of classified ads;
  • figure out Twitter, which Alex says is a good source of relationship building;
  • embed the best YouTube videos I can find relating to the topic of traffic generation
  • “oil rig” hop (Alex’s term, more later)

Alex has set up a competition of who can get the most traffic (absolute not percentage increase) to their blog by 1/1/09.  Obviously those who are already achieving several hundred hits a day start with an advantage.  I don’t expect to be in even the top 50 competitors –  but the best thing about this competition is that I can visit the sites of people I know stand a good chance of winning and see what they’re doing to drive traffic.  The beauty of the Alex Jeffreys program is NOT that we are competitors of each other – we are but we’re not – for sure a lot of us will have skills in niches other than the one Alex is teaching (I know I do!) – rather it’s learning how to build RELATIONSHIPS for JVs later on….  and THAT is invaluable!

Stay tuned for the next Traffic update!


  1. Hi Susan

    What a positive and determined lady you sound.

    I do hope you manage to get onto Twitter, it’ll be great to Tweet with you. You’ll probably find it a bit odd at first, but you’ll soon get in the swing of things.

    Have a wonderful Xmas, I’m sure you’ll be busy with those gorgeous twins

    Take care


  2. Hello Susan I was on last night’s call but missed Module 4. One of the things we learned was that the previous calls can be downloaded by clicking on the large image of the cassette.

    I’d spent the week-end fuming that I’d missed Module 4 and that it hadn’t been uploaded to Alex’s site – and it was there all the time.

    Anyway, enjoyed your post. Some useful advice and information in there.

    Now I’d better go and listen to last week’s webinar and find out what we are supposed to be doing.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hello again Susan

    I’d really appreciate you dropping by my blog and leave a comment on how I can insert anything in the left and right columns.

    I want to put a subscribe box there, and, of course, Alex’s free ebook sign-up.

    Just post it under the latest post if youdon’t mind/have time.
    Best Wishes

  4. Hi Susan,
    You wanted to know if I can comment in your blog. It is a definite yes. if you go to check your comments area, you should be able to see my comment.
    Happy Christmas!

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