How to Write Articles Yourself Even If You HATE Article Writing

If you are serious about getting free traffic to your niche websites, you need to be doing article marketing. But a lot of people find writing articles hard work, and finding free lancers who can do a good enough job, with an acceptable level of English AND within your time and money budgets, can be difficult too. Even rewriting PLR can be a chore. So what is the answer?

Well, Instant Article Wizard is. This is the latest incarnation of Jon Leger’s article writing software tool. I have been beta testing it for a couple of weeks now and I love it.

IAW 3.0, currently in beta testing is an amazing piece of software which does all of the hard work for you. All you do is enter a keyword, hit the research button and it comes back with a huge amount of research for you. You then have the choice of how you want to use the research. My favorite two ways are to select individual topics suggested by the tool and let the software auto generate individual paragraphs for the article, or I just hit the “generate article” button, which is just a brilliant idea.

Visit IAW3 here.

The articles are generated by parsing one or two sentences out from up to 300 different published web pages – although you can visit the web pages from within the software if you want more information – so the English is good. Usually you need to do a minimal amount of work to get the sentence order right, but sometimes the paragraphs read well enough as they come!

And tweaking the article so that it passes Copyscape (which is also integrated) is a synch as IAW 3.0 is integrated with The Best Spinner (Note to Self – not sure whether there will be any need to continue with The Best Spinner subscription!).

Instant Article Wizard 3.0 also supports a HUGE number of different languages, so targeting adsense sites to different countries has suddenly become possible! AND you can post directly to your blog from the software interface!

I love this product and I recommend you try it whilst there is still time to Beta test it for absolutely nothing. If you download it now, you could have written a brand new article on a topic you know nothing about in an hour from now. And if you regularly buy PLR, or pay a free lancer to write for you, this software will save you thousands over the long term.

And in this economic climate, that’s GOT to be good.

Go to here now and try it now cost free.

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