About Me

Meet SOTI’m Susan Owen-Thursfield and this is Octisage internet marketing and listbuilding blog. Octisage is our company, which I set up with my husband.  We came up with the name by rearranging initial letters of both our names, where we live and the two wonderful dogs we had at the time (sadly Charlie died May 2008).  We liked the sound of it, and well, making a company name out of intials worked for Sir Alan M Sugar, so we thought we were in good company!

I’m a WAHM with twin sons and a diverse skillset.  I have degrees in biochemistry, psychology, an MBA, a diploma in marketing and with experience working in a huge multinational, two small specialist consultancies, a “Big 6” (as they were) tax accountancy partnership and direct selling. 

I ventured online when my twins turned 15 months and I finally found a few hours in the evenings.  

Like most people I started with eBay.  I found an ebook showing step-by-step instructions on how to set up an ebook business.  Fortunately the download page also included unzip instructions or I might not be here now! 

As a total newbie, I couldn’t “upload to the web”, “download to an MP3 player” or even tell you what a webhost was!  FTP was totally beyond me.  I took anyone’s advice because I didn’t know any better.  I cut my teeth on FTP, HTML, autoresponders, instant digital delivery, squeeze pages, email marketing, listbuilding etc.  The amount I didn’t know was vast… and seemed to grow by the day.

eBay banned digital products.  I switched to physical products and within months realised that I had no room to expand my business.  I was working long hours, sourcing products, listing them, answering questions, making trips to the post office etc and all the time at whim of eBay rule changes.  I knew it wasn’t the way to make real money online.  I just kept thinking “I need a system I can automate, leverage and promote”… but what and how?

They say you should never buy anything if you think it is “the answer”.  It took me a long time to choose a mentor to follow.  But it was the best decision I have made online.  It makes no sense re-creating the wheel!  Following a proven system is the only way to go!  Sign up for my Newsletter.  I’d love you to come with me on the journey!

Susan Owen-Thursfield